Homeowners with a small kitchen often wish the room at least looked larger, often turning to kitchen remodeling services in Winnipeg for help. Spaciousness makes any room feel lighter, and kitchens have so many heavy appliances that they need to feel open and airy. Explore these nine easy tips on how to make a small kitchen look bigger without indulging in new kitchen layout ideas.

1. Stick to Light Colours

Decorating your kitchen with light colours improves the perceived spaciousness of the room. Many homeowners choose white or eggshell colours to maximize the brightness of the space, especially if they plan on selling their home.

2. Use Dark and Light Colours Strategically

Dark colours work as the base colour for your floor cabinets, though other kitchens may place use it for the countertops and surround them with light-coloured coverings on the cabinets, floor, and walls.

3. Install Horizontal Backsplash Patterns

Your kitchen backsplash runs behind your appliances and countertops, often continuing up to the ceiling. Horizontal bricks or coloured tiles as your backsplash can visually widen the room.

4. Use Cabinet Doors with Glass

Choosing windowed cabinet doors helps you make your kitchen look larger by expanding the view into the backs of your cabinets. This deeper perspective amplifies the size of the room.

5. Opt for Open Shelves Instead of Cabinets

An easy way to figure out how to make a small kitchen look bigger involves removing your cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. This design change declutters the appearance of your kitchen.

6. Maximize Natural Light

Natural light will make your whole kitchen feel open and airy, so pull open your curtains or raise your blinds and use the sun to widen your room.

7. Install Oversized-Pattern Flooring

Minimized floor patterns can make a space feel smaller, so choose a pattern using oversized shapes. An easy way to make your room seem larger involves using floor tiles that mimic enormous paver bricks. The clean lines will help to enlarge the small space.

8. Keep Clutter Put Away

Clutter in any room makes it feel smaller, and kitchens can easily collect a lot of clutter. Spices, utensils, dish towels, and oven mitts easily land on the counter and stay there. Take time to reorganize your kitchen so you can put away the small stuff and make the most of your kitchen’s space.

9. Decorate With Reflective Surfaces

Whether you choose stainless steel appliances or decide on a glossy seal for your countertops, reflective surfaces enhance natural or manufactured light sources. The overall effect not only helps light up your kitchen but also makes the overall space look larger.

Create Your Ideal Kitchen With TENTEN Kitchens

These tips on how to make a small kitchen look bigger work well on their own, but combining them with the right layout makes a tiny space feel enormous. From measuring the right kitchen counter and island distance to helping you invent your own kitchen design, our professional remodeling company can help. Call TENTEN Kitchens in Winnipeg, Canada for expert design and home remodeling services.

Al Keith