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Full Bathroom Remodeling in Winnipeg

Give your bathroom an updated look and feel. Call TENTEN Kitchens today at 431-998-5210 for bathroom remodeling services in Winnipeg. 

Home remodeling presents several challenges for property owners. The process requires careful planning, from selecting new floor plans and layouts to choosing finishing touches like handles and faucets. 

Fortunately, our team at TENTEN Kitchens can help. We’re a design-build company providing expert bathroom remodeling and more for Winnipeg property owners. 

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Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services

 By working with TENTEN Kitchens, you get the benefit of working with a design-build company. That means we offer both interior design services as well as construction expertise.

In-House Design

TENTEN Kitchens’s interior design team works with you to realize your vision for your bathroom spaces. We consult with you to determine floor plans, colour schemes, fixtures, and every detail necessary for a successful remodel.

One Contract, One Project

Rather than working with independent interior designers and contractors, property owners save money, time, and stress by working with a unified design-build company. TENTEN Kitchens provides expert construction services, including permit pulling, plumbing, electric, building, and more. 

By bundling design and building services into one contract, design and construction teams can work together to complete projects faster and with greater efficiency. As any changes arise, these experts can communicate to make changes without disrupting the project’s schedule.

What To Remodel In A Bathroom

When beginning your bathroom renovations, you may struggle to know where to begin. Take a look at the remodel ideas below to get some inspiration for your plans.

New Bathroom Cabinets

Replace old, chipped, or faded cabinets to give your bathroom a completely new look and additional storage spaces. Choose rustic wood cabinets or opt for a white-and-marble scheme to create a feeling of luxury in the room. TENTEN Kitchens can help design and supply cabinets for any bathroom

Upgraded Bathroom Lighting and Fixtures

Brighten up a dull or dim bathroom space with improved lighting. Replace outdated fixtures with newer, energy-efficient LEDs, or get creative with a colour-change effect.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Replace your bathtub with a spa-like shower. At TENTEN Kitchens, we can design and install shower enclosures with waterfall or rain shower heads. Add a touch of stone tilework, creating a unique and revitalizing shower experience. 

Whatever your design goals, our TENTEN Kitchens team can help you achieve success every step of the way. 

Schedule Your Consultation In Winnipeg Today

From redesigning your bathroom floor plan to selecting bathroom fixtures, TENTEN Kitchens has the services you need to build your ideal bathroom spaces. 

When working with our in-house design and construction teams, bathroom remodeling becomes a stress-free, streamlined, and affordable experience. If you’re ready to begin your bathroom remodel project’s design and planning phase, we’re prepared to help. Call 431-998-5210 or use our convenient online form to schedule your consultation for bathroom remodeling in Winnipeg today.