Installing a kitchen island opens up a world of opportunity, allowing you to make a small kitchen appear bigger by expanding its counter space. To get the full benefits of adding this new surface area, you need to know the proper distance between the kitchen counter and island. Learn how to correctly measure for this kitchen addition with the top team providing professional kitchen remodeling in Winnipeg.

How Large Should a Kitchen Island Be?

The size of your kitchen island depends on the amount of open space available and your kitchen’s layout. An L-shaped kitchen provides different opportunities than a U-shaped kitchen, so draw out your kitchen’s shape to come up with ideas for island placement and size.

The ideal ratio for your kitchen island stands at 10 percent of the kitchen’s overall area. For example, a 300-square-foot kitchen could use a 30-square-foot island. However, the shape of your island also affects its overall square footage and usage, so consider these aspects while working on your kitchen’s interior design.

Considerations for Spacing Your Island From Your Counters

When designing your kitchen’s island, you want to also consider the distance between the kitchen counter and island. These measurements can change everything from the size and shape of your island to its placement.

Clearance for Walking

Typical clearance for walking should consist of at least 36 inches between your island and countertop. The space should comfortably fit someone working at the counter or island while another person passes behind them.

Clearance for Using Appliances

While 36 inches ensures the proper clearance for walking, housing large home appliances between the counter and island requires a wider space, usually up to 42 inches. This space ensures that you won’t bang appliance doors against the opposite counter.

Clearance for Seating

Some homeowners want their island to provide dining space instead of just extra work areas. To leave enough room for seated individuals and those passing behind them, you need at least 44 inches of walkway space.

Create Your Ideal Kitchen With an Island With TENTEN Kitchens

By correctly measuring the distance between the kitchen counter and island, you can comfortably add more counter space to the most-used room in your home. Kitchen islands provide extra space for appliance installation, making it easier to efficiently prepare and cook dinner. You can also enjoy the company of friends or family hanging out at the island while you work.

If you’re including a kitchen island in your kitchen remodeling layout ideas, trust the in-house design and construction team at TENTEN Kitchens, in Winnipeg. Call for a consultation today at 431-813-7757.

Al Keith