Experienced remodeling professionals know how to prepare for a kitchen remodel to make the process a little less overwhelming. The upside of a kitchen remodelling project is getting a modern and more efficient place to cook, entertain, and feel at home. But even when you know that the outcome will be worth it, the construction process can be disruptive if you don’t know what to expect.

With plenty of experience in professional kitchen remodelling in Winnipeg, the TENTEN Kitchens team shares some insight to help you get ready for this exciting transformation.

Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Remodelling Less Stressful

How can you prepare for your exciting new kitchen remodel and enjoy the process stress-free? Here are five professional tips:

#1 Declutter the Area for Accessibility and a Fresh Start

One of the qualities of a good kitchen design is plenty of storage space. However, you don’t have to fill that space with items you no longer need. While you pack up your existing kitchen before your remodel begins, why not toss old or broken items and donate stuff to a local charity?

#2 Create a Makeshift Kitchen for Alternative Meal Preparation 

While the kitchen is under construction, the family will need a place to make simple meals. In another room, set up a temporary kitchen with small appliances like a coffee maker, toaster oven, slow cooker, or microwave. Include basic utensils, oven mitts, cleaning supplies, and condiments.

#3 Clearly Label Boxes for Storage

As you pack up the old kitchen, why not organize your boxes and storage containers with clear labels? This process will make it much easier to unpack those items into your gorgeous new kitchen or find them while the construction is ongoing.

#4 Plan Quick, Easy Meals to Ease the Process

While the construction work takes place, you won’t be able to cook gourmet meals. However, you don’t have to rely on takeout or TV dinners, either. 

You could freeze meals ahead of time to reheat in the toaster oven or microwave. Convenience foods also work, like bagged salads and rotisserie chicken. It makes the kitchen remodelling project more fun while keeping you from overspending on takeout.

#5 Protect Other Parts of Your Home and Furniture

Any construction is messy for a while. Your kitchen remodel will likely create some dust and debris, so cover electronics and furniture in nearby rooms. Take items off the nearby walls as well, as the pounding of hammers and other equipment may cause vibrations.

A Last Word From The Professionals

There’s no way around it; a kitchen remodelling project will disrupt your normal routine and create a lot of noise. But a team like TENTEN Kitchens understands how to help you prepare. Rely on your chosen professionals for advice and support because that kitchen remodelling project will be worth a few days of readjustment!

Let TENTEN Kitchens Transform Your Winnipeg Kitchen 

Do you want more advice on how to prepare for a kitchen remodel in Winnipeg? TENTEN Kitchens handles every aspect, from designing the space to securing that kitchen remodelling permit. So, call us at 431-998-5210 today!

Al Keith