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Linden Woods Home Remodeler

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Do you want to give your home a rejuvenated look and feel? Whether you’re interested in home remodelling for comfort or to increase your property value, you deserve to work with the best Linden Woods home remodeler available. 

At TENTEN Kitchens, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive expert service. Our design-build business model gives clients access top-of-the-line interior design services and in-house construction expertise, all in one place. 

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Home Remodeling Design Services In Southwest Winnipeg

Many property owners want to revive their interior spaces but get stuck in the creative phase. Fortunately, the design professionals at TENTEN Kitchens can help.

We help property owners in Linden Woods and the surrounding area create the homes of their dreams. We’ll listen to your vision and preferences and help you narrow down your choices. Next, we’ll create floor plans and models so you can see your design begin to come to life.

Professional Remodeling Construction in Manitoba, Canada

As part of our services, we provide licensed and insured construction for all of our home remodeling projects in Winnipeg and greater Manitoba. By pulling the necessary permits for electrical, plumbing, and building work, as well as handling all demolition and new construction, we make remodeling and renovating stress-free and streamlined. 

Benefits of Working With A Design-Build Company

Many property owners do not know that design-build companies exist. Most assume they must work with interior designers and construction experts separately, creating a plan and then bringing it to a selected construction company. 

However, design-build companies eliminate the need to consult with multiple companies. By providing both design and building services in one project contract, we save our clients time, money, and the frustration of communicating between two teams. 

At TENTEN Kitchens, our comprehensive list of renovation and remodeling services includes: 

  • Permit applications
  • Window additions and modifications for natural light
  • Rewiring or installation of new light fixtures
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and storage cabinet installation
  • Custom built-in design features
  • Kitchen ceiling and floor alterations
  • Plumbing modifications
  • Flooring installations
  • Demolition
  • One-on-one consultation with your designer and lead builder throughout the renovation process
  • And more

Still feeling hesitant about working with an all-in-one design-build company? Reach out to our TENTEN Kitchens team to have your questions answered today. 

Work With A Professional Design-Build Company Near Van Walleghem Park 

If you need home renovation services near Van Walleghem Park or in the Linden Woods area, TENTEN Kitchens has you covered. We offer expert interior design and construction services in Winnipeg and the greater Manitoba region. 

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