Our Team

Introducing the team committed to building the most beautiful kitchen possible!

Your TENTEN Kitchen has our name on it. Beautiful matters. We care. We sweat the details. We fall in love with each kitchen we build. We are not shooting for nice, we are looking for beautiful.


Al Keith

Al is dull and a little obsessive. Sets high standards. Al’s job is to see that everyone else has what they need to be successful.


Barb (Never Barbie) Hansford

Barb is creative, fun and dedicated. She tolerates Al at home and at work. Loves Barry Manilow. Barb makes everything work.
[B Comm Hons]


Jess (The Fulcrum) Fraser

General Manager and master of the schedule. We call him ‘The Fulcrum’ because he is the leverage that makes our staff team productive.
[B Env Design]


Gillian Hansell

Gillian personifies our drive to design beautiful kitchens. Buckets of skill, a little daring.
[B Env Design]


Nicole Buzza-Purtich

An innovative designer of beautiful interiors. Top shelf service. Integrates customer ideas with sizzling sophistication and functional design.
[B Env Design]


Sam (Yosh) Yoshida

Master of a thousand details. Hockey Coach. Senior Kitchen Builder.
[Red Seal Carpenter]


Travis Campbell

Multi category, backbone of TENTEN. Travis is the amazing talent behind our graphic design and photography. When he is not working with a camera, he may be tearing out your walls. Strange but true.


Jignesh Shingala

Jignesh is a Swiss Army Knife of carpentry
skill—strong everywhere, everyday.
[Level Three Carpenter]


Sam (Sam-Two) Tottle

Kick ass Ultimate player.
Excelling towards her Red Seal.
[Level One Carpenter]


Kim (Iceman) Houde

Multi-position player. Racer of motorcycles, repairer of roofs, the voice of reason, and hauler of scrap.

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