Remodeling a kitchen isn’t always as simple as repainting cabinets or buying a new fridge. Changing the layout of the kitchen entirely may make the most sense. Open-concept kitchens are a popular option for many reasons, but you’ll want to consider all the pros and cons before remodeling.

What Is an Open-Concept Kitchen?

An open-concept kitchen is exactly what it sounds like — a kitchen that’s open to the rest of the house. With an open layout, you combine your dining room and/or living room with the kitchen to create one large room (typically called a great room). Open concepts bring the entire house together, while more traditional floor plans section off different rooms.

Why Choose an Open-Concept Kitchen Design?

Many homeowners and home designers gravitate toward open-concept layouts that merge the kitchen and dining area. If you’ve toured a modern housing complex, you’ve probably come across this style. It has several distinct benefits, making it the go-to kitchen design.

Maximized Floor Space

Open-concept kitchens have fewer walls or barriers than traditional layouts. This means optimal floor space and a home that feels bigger. You won’t struggle as much with cramped walkways and cluttered surface areas.

With a large, open kitchen, you can also improve traffic flow. More people can help prepare meals or wash dishes without bumping into each other. On top of that, it reduces accessibility issues for wheelchair-bound individuals.

More Social Opportunities

Socialization is a common reason why people love the open kitchen layout. With a closed-off kitchen, you can easily feel confined and excluded from parties in the living room or games at the dining table. An open floor plan helps you be part of the action.

Not only does this design encourage interactions with guests, but it also promotes collaboration in the kitchen. Meal prep could turn into quality time with your family. Multiple cooks can share the kitchen island and countertop without getting in each other’s hair.

Better Lighting

Good lighting is essential to every kitchen. Plenty of sunshine and overhead light helps a room feel more cozy and uplifting. On the other hand, poor lighting can make a kitchen depressing and even unsafe.

One advantage to having an open-concept kitchen is better lighting. Fewer walls and barriers mean more light can filter in from windows and other rooms, accentuating the colour and material. No more dark corners and eye strain!

Improved Multitasking

Have you ever wanted to watch a cooking tutorial on your living room TV while actually cooking? Do you have to stop watching the kids to make dinner? An open kitchen layout offers the perfect solution.

Open-concept floor plans connect the kitchen and living room. How does this help with multitasking?

  • The kiddos can keep playing while you put the casserole in the oven
  • You can help Johnny with homework while doing the dishes
  • You don’t have to pause your favourite TV show to make nachos

What Are the Downsides to an Open Kitchen?

With an open-concept kitchen, you can do more and worry less. However, this layout isn’t ideal for every household. A few drawbacks might make you think twice about remodeling.

Reduced Storage Space

Storage is a common issue for homeowners with open-floor kitchens. Because there are fewer walls, you have fewer places to install cabinets and pantries. This often means less room for pots, pans, appliances, utensils, dishes, etc.

Some households don’t require a kitchen with lots of storage space. However, many families need extra cupboards and drawers. For this reason, open-concept kitchens aren’t always the best option.

Less Privacy

The kitchen is the core of every home. As such, your kitchen should function well and meet all your preferences and needs. This includes comfort aspects like privacy.

An open-concept layout leaves your kitchen wide open and highly visible. Everyone will notice when you don’t wash the dishes or put away ingredients. Many homeowners prefer the comfort of a closed-off, private kitchen.

More Noise

Increased noise levels are another disadvantage to having an open kitchen. Chopping vegetables, using the blender, running the fan, sauteeing fish — everyday kitchen activities can create a clamour. If you have an open floor plan, these sounds will travel throughout the house.

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Al Keith